Contact us and booking the Band
Brass Bands are flexible and versatile and have been the mainstay of outdoor musical entertainment in this country for nearly 200 years. All jobs are considered; the old joke about the band leading the strike march in the morning and playing at the Pit owners Garden tea party in the afternoon is true. The following points will hopefully help make the day go smoother and are not in anyway meant to be a barrier to you booking a brass band
1. Book early.
It is often best to book the band up to a year in advance; this is because regular events already do this immediately following each year's event. Also because the band plays regularly and its members are just normal amateur players, we cannot always provide a full band without a reasonable notice.
2. Establish what you expect from the band. We would normally play two 40 min sessions with  a break for tea and cake ( traditionally part of the fee! ).Do you want us to provide a compere and do a concert or just background music? Do you want a full band or a group for a flora Dance or even a full carnival march?
3. Provide chairs for 26 players
4. A level area with room for the band takes about 20 to 30 square feet. We can be flexible, but does need thought.
5. Floor surface is important, especially for percussion and sound quality. Mown grass, concrete, wood or tarmac will all work.
6. Avoid windy exposed spots as it makes it hard to play. The music vanishes, stands fall over and the quality of music is somewhat diminished.
Avoid other noises, e.g. Music from funfair shows or kids disco, engines/generators, and other music providers! If other groups have been booked, they may require lengthy set up time due to electrics etc. This affects what is going on before.
7. If you are expecting us to work with other musicians e.g. Choirs or soloists, then both groups will at least need to discus music with each other and possibly even rehearse, well before the day.
8. Special requests are possible, such as Happy Birthday, favorite hymns or songs etc, but ask in advance to avoid disapointment,
9. What are the wet weather arrangements? We still require payment even if we are told not to come on the day.
10. Details of parking for our cars, times and good travel directions are very important as well as a contact name on the day to show us where to set up.
However, everybody always agrees that a band adds tremendously to the ambiance of an event. We look forward to receiving your call and helping make your event happen.
General enquiries about the Band